Mark Bittman Left L.A. Under Sniper Fire, Went Running To Ruth Reichl

Photo: Mark Bittman va Flickr

Mark Bittman claims someone shot his car last week while he was leaving L.A. Rather than bother LAPD over a potential freeway sniper, the cookbook author did the natural thing and tweeted Ruth Reichl, who then encouraged him to “come north” to safety, where we assume she’s not residing in the Tenderloin district. Squid Ink has the full tweeted conversation between these two food gurus, and we’re happy to say, Bittman remained free of punctures and was safely promoting a recipe for beef stroganoff by 1:30 P.M. that same day. Still, it all leads to the question: was this really an errant bullet at 6:00 A.M. on the 405 Freeway or merely Bittman playing the paranoid tourist when a piece of loose gravel fell from a truck and bounced off his windshield? Hopefully, Bittman stays safe from any and all projectiles at his appearance tomorrow night in Boston.

Gunshots & Tweets: Mark Bittman’s L.A. Moment [Squid Ink]