Lola’s Zombie Is Finally Zonked Out by New Pizza Place

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Last Halloween, we got the heebie jeebies because Soho jazz joint Lola was still sporting its signage (and leaving its lights on) almost a year after succumbing to Chapter 11. A year later, someone has finally slayed the zombie. Though Lola’s signage remains, a banner just went up indicating that Tresanti is “coming soon,” and exorcists construction workers are indeed finally taking things apart at 15 Watts Street near Thompson. So what’ll replace soul food? Why, brick-oven pizza, of course! Community board minutes indicate that the city’s 5,000th pizzeria will have 128 seats, a 10-seat bar, and, owing to the usual concerns about noise and such, won’t be able to use its courtyard for two years. Hopefully this version of the space stays in business that long.