LAUSD Says Its Doesn’t Want A Food Revolution

Photo: Really Short via Flickr

Apparently less concerned about pint-sized potbellies popping up on city campuses than the Naked Chef is, Los Angeles Unified School District has rejected Jamie Oliver’s offer to help revolutionize local school diets. LAUSD feels that Oliver should be utilized elsewhere and that his meddling in their business would be a huge drain on time, especially considering that school days are already being cut for budgetary reasons. The district’s Melissa Infusino tells L.A. Times, “Our feeling was that his time would be better spent or invested in other communities.” In a letter to Oliver, Infusino basically says, thanks dude, but we’ve got this, explaining, “While we appreciate your interest in our school meal program, we believe our direct work with nutrition experts, health advocates, the community, schools and students is the most effective strategy…” Will this force Jamie’s L.A.-based second season into the home kitchen?

A tight-lipped ABC rep still says there will still be a component at other area schools, where there are still hordes of fat kids chowing down on Cheetoes and chocolate milk, Oliver’s show could be more likely to concentrate on assisting home chefs and tackling our “food deserts.” Until he met LAUSD, it appeared no group could be more stubbornly resistant to change than those West Virginians Jamie confronted in season one. Hopefully, our local school board hasn’t left him in tears before shooting even starts.

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