Jay-Z’s Memoir Pops Up on Takeout Menus, Tablecloths, and Pizza Boxes

Photo: Courtesy of Bing

Speaking of Jay-Z’s hangouts, the Spotted Pig was all Jigga’d up last night, as the viral marketing campaign for Hov’s forthcoming memoir, Decoded, pretty much took over the restaurant. As mentioned in the Times, an ad agency is reproducing pages from the book at various locations that are mentioned in it. Last night, excerpts popped up on the Pig’s table covers, server T-shirts, a downstairs mirror, and even plastered over one of the miniature pigs.

The pages are accompanied by a code that you can apparently pop into a Bing site that lets you share the page with others online (if you’re willing to go through a sign-up and browser-upgrade ordeal). Based on photo clues at the Bing site, it looks like excerpts have also been reproduced on pizza boxes at Not Ray’s Pizza (near his old place in Fort Greene) and on paper menus at Lower East Side takeout joint Six Happy Kitchen. We have no idea what kind of history Jay has with Six Happy, but we hear he did have dinner at the Pig last night — too bad we didn’t see him, or we would’ve asked him to autograph our table cover.