Japan’s Nidaime Tsujita Bringing Ramen, Smiles, and Satisfaction To West L.A.

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Japan’s Nidaime Tsujita has a location up its sleeve for Sawtelle, with a location under construction across from Little Osaka’s Fu Rai Bo, due in spring 2011. It’s always exciting to see an new entrant into the neighborhood’s ramen scene, especially one from the motherland, but since decyphering its website is pretty tricky, we’ll let the company do the talking. It’s sign promises, “Japan’s heart and taste created, cherished in Tokyo. With a bowl of ramen noodle, we have worked hard to provide services making every customer have smile and satisfaction as well. We are now working hard to open our ramen shop next April in Los Angeles, a place of our choice, where we will come in touch with the sky and the vast land and also friendliness of people, expecting to provide ramen everyone in Los Angeles will love.” We couldn’t have said it any better.

Nidaime Tsujita, 2057 Sawtelle Blvd. West L.A.