How to Sell Blue Jeans: Get a Chef, a Farmer, and a Pig Carcass in Front of Some Cameras


The John Dory crew tells us that this week, they’ve decided to serve a limited dinner menu of mostly raw-bar items (see it here, along with the lunch menu), and will be closed on Sunday. Meanwhile, that New Yorker piece isn’t the only thing upping April Bloomfield’s profile this week. Check out this video, produced by Levi’s, in which Bloomfield visits Franca Tantillo’s Berried Treasures farm while Marcelo Gomes photographs them for an upcoming book and exhibition (also produced by Levi’s) called “Farm to Table.” There’s even a Greenmarket cameo by David Bouley (curiously wearing a hand cast).

And it doesn’t stop at a video, book, and gallery show: Bloomfield is also teaching a butchering class (sign up here) where photographer Toby McFarlan Pond will simultaneously enlighten you about “Light and Composition for Recently Cut Meat.” We’ve come a long way since the days when you marketed blue jeans with hot blondes pumping gas.

Farm to Table: Chef April Bloomfield [YouTube]