Grimaldi’s Staff: Not Really Good About Staying On-Message

Photo: Robert K. Chin

News arrives today of a twist in the Grimaldi’s pizza drama that apparently had Post headline writers in a tizzy: In a piece titled "Grimaldi’s Seeks $lice of Landlord," the paper reports that Grimaldi’s owner Frank Ciolli — who was sued by his landlord for a supposed failure to pay rent — is now countersuing, saying that landlords "refused to accept his rent payments" and are simply out to "steal his coal-burning brick ovens." We called Grimaldi’s manager Gina Peluso, who did not seem terribly interested in the drama.

Photo: Robert K. Chin

"I don’t have any of the details," she said, following up with, "Yeah, supposedly there might be a countersuit or whatever … honestly, I don’t really care … It doesn’t affect business at all." Peluso said her primary interest was that the people in that line outside get fed. We also asked about the long-drawn-out opening of Grimaldi’s Chelsea. Peluso told us it’d happen in "two weeks."

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