Greetings From Phony Island: Politicians Finally Paying Attention

Photo: Jim Kiernan

The Post reports that the “city is looking into” whether the Coney Island Eight can be relocated to the north side of Surf Avenue, where Coney Island activist Dick Zigun says four furniture stores “have been here illegally for years.” Anthony Berlingieri, owner of the Shoot the Freak and Beer Island, doesn’t seem too excited about the potential compromise: “We were here when no one came to Coney Island, and now we are being forced out so that Zamperla can bring in the same types of businesses we run?” According to the Post’s Brooklyn Blog, State Senator Carl Kruger, a noted opponent of Bloomberg’s Coney Island rezoning, met with the Coney Eight yesterday and vowed to help them broker a deal with the city and Zamperla. “These mom-and-pop businesses are the fabric of the boardwalk,” Metro quotes Kruger as saying. “Some out of state operation can’t just cash out on Coney Island.”

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