Freeze-dried Shrimp Cocktail for Astronauts; Chicken Abuse at a Texas Egg Farm

On the International Space Station, half the food is American and half Russian; astronauts dine on freeze-dried shrimp cocktail, but very little (crumb-producing) bread, says NASA's space food manager. [SmartPlanet]

An undercover video shot by a U.S. Humane Society investigator shows alleged animal abuse at a Texas egg farm. [CNN]

Venezuela's largest privately held company has declared intentions to expand its food production, despite threats of expropriation from president Hugo Chavez. [Canadian Business via AP]

More bad news for Four Loko and its ilk: A study has revealed that teens who consume energy drinks of any type are more likely to become alcoholics. [Healthland/Time]

On the heels of a 10 percent food-cost increase in China last month, the Chinese government has announced it will provide food subsidies for poor families. [Guardian UK via AP]