Fort Greene’s WTF Is Latest to Take Mr. Wizard Approach to Coffee

Blue Bottle's contraptions.
Blue Bottle’s contraptions. Photo: Melissa Hom

Used to be you got your coffee from someone who asked if you wanted cream and sugar — but Bridey Recker, the general manager of a new Fort Greene coffee bar called WTF, is asking questions like, “Do you want it to stay in your mouth, or do you want something with a nice finish that then leaves your mouth?” (That’s how she explains “flavor clarity” to the Local.) À la Blue Bottle, the “veritable coffee lab” brews coffee using Siphon pots, Yama pots, Coava Kone filters, drip cones, sock pots, and a French press. Unlike at Stumptown’s new coffee mecca, you can also get espresso, and Serious Eats points out that the iced coffee uses Kold-Draft cubes — the type that’s fetishized by cocktail geeks. And yes, that’s the sound of Juan Valdez’s head exploding.

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