Former Tengu Chef Plans His Own Place, Shunji on Melrose

Photo: Tasha Nita Adams/Mondette

Chef Shunji Nakao, the chef from Santa Monica’s departed branch of Tengu, is opening his own seafood-centric Japanese restaurant on Melrose, east of LaBrea. Mondette alerts us that signage has just gone up, while a Facebook page offers early photos of a sushi orgy, fried oysters on the half-shell, thinly sliced beef, and what appear to be prawns topped with gold leaf, pickles, and caviar. Hopefully, Shunji is focused less on providing a swank, lounge-y vibe like Tengu and more on elegant Japanese cuisine.

Shunji, 7015 Melrose Ave. Hollywood.

Shunji’s Japanese Restaurant To Open on Melrose Avenue [Mondette]