Former Cooks and Waiters Serve Lawsuit to Shanghai Café


Sure, the north end of Mott Street just got a Stumptown bar, but a couple blocks south, servers and cooks are planning a protest to publicize a lawsuit they’ve filed, accusing Shanghai Café of paying them as little as $1.27 per hour and failing to pay overtime for work weeks of 65 hours and more. According to a press release sent out by the Urban Justice Center, “The lawsuit also reports that the restaurant posted fake schedules on the wall in an apparent attempt to make it appear that employees were working fewer hours, in case their workplace practices came under scrutiny.” The complaint, below, also alleges that the restaurant fired all six of the defendants when it closed in June, only to open up less than a month later under the same management but with a slightly different corporation name. The protest will occur in front of the restaurant, now called Shanghai Café Deluxe, at 1 p.m.

Zu Guo Yang et. al. vs. Shanghai Cafe [PDF]