First Look at First & Hope’s New Menu

Chef Jospeh Panarello
Chef Jospeh Panarello Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Hot off the presses, First & Hope has passed us its new menu, designed by chef Joseph Panarello. The Downtown supper club debuted last April with a menu of heavily conceptualized Southern cooking under chef Shelley Cooper, who fled the scene after three months, despite generally positive reviews. Panarello has stuck with the Southern slant, with plenty of grits, fried green tomatoes, and the well-liked mac and cheese still firmly in place. But the menu seems more straight-forward and well-rounded now, with Japanese ingredients and steakhouse fare like deviled lobster tail, foie torchon, and Kobe beef carpaccio. Instead of looking straight country now, it appears more like a city slicker who hasn’t ditched his country roots. Take a look at First & hope’s full lunch, dinner supper, and dessert menus below.

First & Hope’s New Menu



Foie Torchone 16
pickled plum toast points, frisee

Kobe Beef Carpaccio 14
pickled green tomatoes, shaved Red Cow parmesan

Spicy Tuna Ceviche 13
house made kettle chips

Deviled Lobster Tail 20
butterfly pan seared lobster tail

Mac and Cheese 13
Chef inspired from American artisanal cheeses

Grits 12
asiago cheese, chicken sausage, shitake mushrooms


Baby Bibb 12
biscuit croutons, dried cranberries, buttermilk thyme dressing, shaved aged goat cheese

Fried Green Tomato Napoleon 12
goat cheese, baby arugula, pecan dressing

Asparagus and Prosciutto 13
hard poached egg, baby greens

Autumn Harvest 12
thinly sliced seasonal vegetables, walnut dressing


Filet Mignon 32
smoked gouda croquettes, mushroom duxelle

Bone in NY Strip 36
grilled asparagus, chanterelle mushroom, blue cheese butter, sweet potato fries

Pouisson 24
sweet potato dumplings, English peas, sage gravy

Lamb Chops 30
caramelized onions and spinach, honey and cardamom barbeque

Cod 20
Kobacha squash puree, Honshimeji mushrooms

Duck 27
coffee rubbed, diced pumpkin, potato mousseline

Trout 24
cornmeal dusted, spaghetti squash hash

Sides 6
Grilled Asparagus • Sweet Potato Dumplings in Sage Gravy • Potato Croquette • Vegetable Slaw



Mac and Cheese
Chef inspired from American artisanal cheeses

Fried Green Tomato Napoleon
goat cheese, baby arugula, pecan dressing

Autumn Harvest
thinly sliced seasonal vegetables, walnut dressing


Kobacha squash puree, Honshimeji mushrooms

Breaded Fish Sticks
vegetable slaw

Grilled Flank Steak
baby romaine leaves, blue cheese dressing, applewood smoked bacon

BBQ Chicken Cob
barbeque chicken, butter lettuce, buttermilk thyme dressing

Baby Bibb
biscuit croutons, dried cranberries, buttermilk thyme dressing, shaved aged goat cheese

Classic Burger
cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, house made tater-tots, brioche bun

King Salmon Burger
cucumber and yogurt dressing, brioche bun

Spaghetti Oh’s & Meat Balls


Sweet Potato Fries • French Fries • Vegetable Slaw

Ten Each

Red Plum Galette
golden raisins, walnuts, sweet cream

Mint & Basil Semifreddo
chocolate cookie, orange caramel sauce, candied orange peel

Sticky Toffee Pudding
warm date pudding cake, ginger tuile, caramel ice cream

Dark Chocolate Terrine
cappuccino custard sauce, hazelnut praline

Lemon Meringue Beehive
lemon thyme ice cream, coconut macaroon, toasted marshmallow, raspberries

Donuts & Shake
strawberry shake, vanilla cream filled donuts, chocolate dipping sauce

Dessert Libations

Brandy alexander
Ultimate dessert cocktail made of
Cognac, crème de cacao, cream &
Finished with freshly grated nutmeg

The great pumpkin
This cocktail screams fall. Jamaican
Rum, frangelico, allspice dram, cream
& spiced pumpkin puree

Absolutely decadent mixture of
Aged rum, kahlua, cream & a
Gentle dusting of grated cinnamon