First Look at Da Mikele, Michele Iuliano’s Tribeca Pizzeria, Opening Today


Those members of the United States Pizza Team scheduled to perform their dough-spinning tricks for next week’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade have nothing on Michele Iuliano. The “executive pizzaiolo” of Luzzo’s and Ovest has just opened his third and most ambitious restaurant, Da Mikele, in Tribeca, and after perusing the menu, it seems that there is little this man cannot do with a lump of dough. Although there is no Luzzo’s-style round pizza here, there is practically everything else, including Iuliano’s excellent thin-crust square pizza, a pizza rolled up into a cone, friselle (a toasted flatbread topped with various things like house-cured tuna and beans), ciambella (a fried, ring-shaped doughnut of sorts topped with red peppers), frusta (a long stromboli-like loaf), and something called the Nonna Lucia — the chef’s Neapolitan grandmother’s recipe for a round marinara pan pizza (“where it all started,” reads the menu). Keep reading to see the full menu, the space and the food.

Because man cannot live by things fashioned out of pizza dough alone, there is pasta, as well as a bunch of other Neapolitan delicacies, like the house parmigiana made with eggplant and potatoes, which according to Iuliano, has never been served in New York before. Beer and wine coming soon, but no BYO in the interim.

Da Mikele, 275 Church St., at White St.; 212-925-8800

Da Mikele Menu [PDF]