FCI Rising: French Culinary Institute Takes First Step Toward Global Domination

Zut alors! We're taking over!
Zut alors! We’re taking over! Photo: Courtesy French Culinary Institute

What started as The French Culinary Institute in 1984 has, in just the last couple of years, grown into The International Culinary Center, which encompasses things like the Italian Culinary Academy and Champagne-sabering demos. Now they’re headed west! According to a press release, they’re “assuming ownership” of the Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell, CA. The name of the new center will be (seriously) The French Culinary Institute of The International Culinary Center in California. Not only that: the school says it’s “exploring potential expansion of international operations to Europe and Asia.” In fact, we hear they’ve already told students they’re getting their mise en place prepped for a Paris location. Maybe Grant Achatz was right when he sang the praises of “uber uber French classic” food.