New York’s Edward III Absinthe Ups Its Intensity

The old Edward III.
The old Edward III. Photo: Courtesy Edward III

Absinthe’s heady, barely legalized days of 2007 are behind us, as is the era of green-fairy gummy bears — but the spirit marches on. Edward III absinthe, which debuted early this year from a pair of New York City entrepreneurs, has redesigned itself and will launch anew next month in a taller, thinner bottle. The formula — a mix of nine botanicals, dominated by anise, cinnamon, and lemon balm — has been rendered more intense, says co-founder Mark Maurice. When it launches in early December, the new product (which the New York–based company makes in New Hampshire) will be available at many of the same bars and restaurants as the old one — Fette Sau, DBGB, Milk & Honey, and the controversially named Ninth Ward among them — and 375 milliliter bottles will be available to purchase at Astor Wines & Spirits, and via DrinkUpNY for around $40.

In the spirit of famous green-fairy tipplers of yore (including Baudelaire, Van Gogh, and Oscar Wilde), Maurice hopes to link Edward III to the art scene by hosting monthly artist showcases, and kicking off the new formula with a presence at Art Basel Miami in December. Lest you think the green-eyed monster has cleaned up its act, here’s Maurice again: “The new absinthe way of life is meeting someone in the middle of the day, I hang out with liquor promoters and club promoters and we go into Barneys and look at Louboutins and run into Axl Rose — there’s something so absinthe, and so rock and roll about that.”