D.O.B. 111: Still Alive


When proclaiming the demise of a victim of the fast-changing restaurant world, ‘tis perhaps best to make a phone call, lest you pronounce the time of death too early. To wit: Yesterday’s Fork in the Road headline “D.O.B. 111 Closed: Hate to Say We Told You So,” picked up from an EV Grieve story telling readers the place had been shuttered lately, and had they any news?

A quick phone call confirms that D.O.B. 111 is not, in fact, dead, that they’re always closed on Mondays, and that they’ve recently been closed on Tuesdays until they have their liquor license in hand, which they anticipate getting any day now. Hours of operation are currently Wednesday, Thursdau, Sunday from 6 11 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 6 to 11:30 p.m. Indeed, EV Grieve noticed the place was alive and kicking last night.

D.O.B. 111 Closed: Hate to Say We Told You So
[Fork in the Road/VV]
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