District Adds Oyster Bar, Won’t Stop Until It Has Everything

Photo: Jetalone via Flickr

Forget about being just a mere bistro/deli/market/wine bar/cocktail lounge/co-joined Hollywood dining destination. District and Mercantile won’t be happy until it has literally everything for everyone. To be fair, this concept is taking flight locally, with butchers in restaurants like Salt’s Cure and markets and bakeries expected as big components of forthcoming L’Epicerie and FarmShop. District’s latest addition will be a fresh oyster bar that launches tomorrow night and serves every Tuesday through Saturday. But hell no, they aren’t stopping at just three to four daily varieties of freshly shucked shells, plus peel and eat shrimp and house-made sauce, Daily Dish is reporting. There will also be fried oysters, grilled oysters, and oyster sandwiches. Are massage chairs too much to ask for at this point?

District on Sunset to launch oyster bar menu [L.A. Times/Daily Dish]