Darioush Closes (Again) on LaCienega

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It seems a strange business model for a new restaurant to keep opening and closing, no less when it occupies some of the city’s most expensive real estate. But Middle Eastern-French fusion restaurant Darioush has taped a sign to it’s door announcing, “We are closed. Our sincere apologies,” which we noticed following futile attempts to call the restaurant this week. Darioush first sprang to life last April, but a few weeks later the doors were shut, with owners claiming they had never really opened in the first place. Chef-owner Darioush Dinesh was back in business in July and soon serving a fantastic pancetta-wrapped aubergine at Taste of Beverly Hills. The missive on its door doesn’t state whether the closure is temporary or not, but we’ve asked management to let us know whether a third new opening is possible, so stay tuned for an update to see if Darioush is really done this time around.