Curtains for Ace of Cakes; the Turducken Is Baaack

• The Food Network announced that the upcoming tenth season of Ace of Cakes will be the show’s last. Pie, meanwhile, is off in a corner gloating. [AP]

• Why settle for just one Thanksgiving fowl when you could have a large bird stuffed with two smaller ones? The turducken rears its head(s). [NYP]

• This year’s holiday season brings record-breaking demand at food banks; in some areas, bread lines have become commonplace. [WP]

• Break out the bubbly: The National Restaurant Association is reporting that sales — from fine dining to fast food — are up. [USAT]

• Farmers on Virginia’s coast can’t keep up with demand for Haymans, an “ugly, sugary, creamy-white” heirloom sweet potato that is only now becoming known outside the region. [WP]