Curb the Munchies With White Castle Stuffing; Carnival Says Spam Never Happened

• Happy Thanksgiving, stoners. Here’s a totally rad-sounding recipe for White Castle stuffing. [NYDN]

• Remember how we told you those poor passengers trapped for days on the Carnival Splendor had to eat Spam? Well, now the cruise line is denying that happened. [WSJ]

• Oyster farmers on the Gulf Coast have discovered that filing for BP compensation is complicated and expensive — and the deadline is looming. [USAT]

• Tea party affiliates have come forward as some of the staunchest opponents of the Food Safety Bill currently making its way through the legislature. Who knew their gastronomic expertise ranged beyond hot beverages? [Food Safety News]

• As if it weren’t bad enough that some reusable grocery bags have been found to contain lead, Federal investigators are discovering drinking glasses that do as well. [WP]

• Breaking: Vegetables are really, really good for you. [Healthland/Time]