Coney Lawyer: ‘There Is No Way These Businesses Will Be Leaving’


As promised, eight of the nine businesses that are being pushed off the Coney Island boardwalk have gotten a lawyer, and today he tells the Post, Trust me, there is no way these businesses will be leaving on the 15th. Meanwhile Zamperla president Valerio Ferrari (who has been more or less silent since his initial announcement was met with outrage) has penned whats essentially a press release for Your Nabe, the site that yesterday published a letter from Shoot the Freak operator Anthony Berlingieri.

Ferrari reiterates that hes aiming to create a world-class Boardwalk. As I mentioned, the goal is ultimately a [Ph]oney Island capable of attracting visitors 365 days a year. And he writes, The multi-million dollar program will bring back the world-class mix of entertainment, dining and nightlife that was once a hallmark of the famed Boardwalk. Were sure New Yorkers will respond to that about as well as the people of Cleveland sympathized with LeBron James. So what about the dining that currently is a hallmark of the boardwalk? The fried shrimp and clams? Rest assured youll have at least one more chance to experience it, as 48-year-old Pauls Daughter has announced via Facebook that itll throw a thank-you party this Saturday at 12:30 p.m. The flyer promises: Its on the house.

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