City Council Wants Produce for Poor; Tallow Sculptures for T-Day

• The New York City Council has proposed plans to foster more “low-income locavores.” Cue the next trend piece about hipsters on food stamps. [Gotham Gazette]

• Tallow carvings will decorate military dining halls across the country this Thanksgiving, and other news from the glossy white underbelly of the tallow-sculpture world. [WSJ]

• Turkeys as we know them are actually a kind of breast-heavy Frankenbird that can’t even reproduce naturally. Says one frank turkey scientist, “[They] can’t mount.” [USAT]

• Better step it up, France. If Michelin stars are any indicator, Japan might soon surpass the Gallic nation in culinary accolades. [Japan RealTime/WSJ]

• Hostess, Butterball, and four other processed-food companies have agreed to cut sodium levels by 25 percent over five years. [UPI]

• China’s top money guy claims speculators and hoarders manipulated commodity prices and caused the country’s spike in food costs. [WSJ]