CB2 Okays New Projects From Mullen, Stupak, Suarez, and Varda


Looks like Community Board 2’s SLA Licensing Committee was in a generous mood last night: Eater reports that pastry chef Alex Stupak is leaving wd~50 to open a taqueria called Empellon in the Chow Bar space at 230 West 4th Street. Meanwhile, Bobo’s Carlos Suarez got CB’s approval to open what at one point was going to be “an all day cafe and rooftop farm for local schoolchildren,” in the former paper store that Keith McNally unsuccessfully courted.

The Board also liked former Boqueria chef Seamus Mullen’s idea of opening a Spanish-influenced restaurant at 359 Sixth Avenue. And Emil Varda of the Waverly Inn has gotten the stamp of approval for his planned restaurant in the Beatrice Inn space. As usual, final approval of liquor licenses are in the hands of the State Liquor Authority.

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