So Much for $3 Outdoor Drinks on the Bowery: Asian Pub Will Be Demolished

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Well, this is sad. The $3 happy-hour cocktails at the Cooper 35 Asian Pub aren’t so great, but they’re $3 cocktails, and the place manages to serve $2 Buds in the year 2010, in the borough of Manhattan. Plus, because of the fact that everyone else on the Bowery considers themselves too good for it (ever thought you’d see that day?), the outdoor tables are relatively easy to snag on the nicest days of spring and summer. When 89th and Broke walked in last month, they even got a free drink for being the first customer in the door. It’s hard enough to find buy-backs in this town anymore — and this place gives you buy-fronts!

Anyway, good-bye to all that: Washington Square News reports that everyone’s favorite developer, Joe Sitt, has sold the property for $8.5 million and it will likely give way to another high-rise. $18 cocktails underneath a $500-a-night hotel, anyone? There’s a move to landmark the building, which dates back to 1825, but more than likely, the Asian Pub will follow Le Jardin in being the next casual outdoor spot to give way to something more along the lines of Bowery newcomers DBGB, Faustina, Double Crown, Pulino’s, and Peels.

Last Call: Closing Time for Asian Pub [WSN via Bowery Boogie]