Can Carmellini’s and Denton’s Menus Convince You to Fly Delta Out of JFK?


Yesterday we showed you a rendering of Bar Brace, the iPad-equipped Jason Denton eatery that’s coming to JFK’s Terminal 3, Gate 5 this Friday. Here now is what Andrew Carmellini’s Croque Madame (Terminal 2, Gates 21 and 22) and Jim Lahey’s Crust (opening in LaGuardia’s Terminal D later this year) will look like, per iCrave’s renderings. Click through the slideshow for some screen shots from the electronic ordering system, and check out the menus below to see what you’ll be able to order. Is all of this enough to lure foodies away from JetBlue’s Terminal 5?

Bar Brace Menu [PDF]
Bra Brace Breakfast [PDF]
Croque Madame Breakfast Menu [PDF]
Croque Madame Menu [PDF]