At the Westway, the Go-Go Girls (and Boys) Won’t Be the Only Ones Dancing

Photo: Daniel Maurer

While Dangerous Minds recalls the seedy days of the Baby Doll Lounge and Billys Topless, the Times reports that the Jane Ballrooms Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte (the latter a onetime promoter at the Pussycat Lounge) are set to revive the tradition of the rock-and-roller go-go dive. But dont picture a full-on hipster strip club along the lines of Union Jacks in Portland; when it opens in the former Westside Gentlemans Club space next month, the Westway will mostly host dance parties, with go-go dancers working the poles two nights a week. With Don Hills 2.0 just a few blocks away (not to mention that old standby, Sway), is the hot new clubbing district the southern West Village and West Soho (SoWeVillWeSoHo)?

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