Another Dive Down: Brooklyn’s ‘Scariest Bar’ Is No Longer

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Somehow we missed news of the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge’s shuttering until EV Grieve linked to a couple of short blurbs about it in Brownstoner and the Sunday Times, but there it is: After 103 years, the corner of Flushing and Washington no longer houses a bar. As we pointed out last year, the building was for sale (along with three others) for $3 million. It’s uncertain what the future holds, but with Ruby’s also on the way out, we’ll repeat the words of a Yelp commenter: “Places like the Navy Yard Lounge are what make me stick it out in New York in spite of out-of-control rents, $12.00 cocktails, asshole landlords, brutal winters, and everything else that makes living in NYC a big pain in the ass.”

At the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge (aka, RIP) [EV Grieve]