Aasif Mandvi’s Fictional Restaurant Tonight, Helmant Mathur’s Real One This Month


Today’s Special, the film about Aasif Mandvi sacrificing his gourmet dreams to cook in his father’s Jackson Heights restaurant, opens in theaters today, and the Boston Globe reviewer can’t believe that “a man married (also as Samir’s father is) to a woman played by Madhur Jaffrey would be permitted to operate such an unsanitary kitchen.” First time that’s been said of an Indian takeout joint! Speaking of assumptions about Indian food and restaurants, the Business Standard takes a look at the state of Indian cuisine as Tabla gets ready to close and Hemant Mathur’s new one, Tulsi, prepares to open this month, and concludes that “Indian cuisine is poised for a quantum leap in the US.” It’s come far: Rohini Dey of Vermilion remembers the time that some Vegas casino developers told her: “Give us a list of 20 cuisines and we will not touch Indian with a barge pole.”

Made in Manhattan [Business Standard]