771 Food Barrels Down the Highway, Gunning To Be A Facebook for Foodies

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

In L.A., your vehicle might be an extension of your personality, a full-service cheap eats restaurant on wheels, or just something to get you to your favorite dim sum spot. In the case of 771 Food, which we spotted driving around town yesterday with the above teaser on its backside, it might even be an advertisement for your new food-porn-centric social network. Trailing the vehicle over to its website, it appears this is some sort of wanna-be Facebook for food-fiends, offering videos, recipes, and spaces for you to upload your cooking tips, restaurant stories, and the juiciest shots of what you’re eating. There will also be a food calendar, with the majority of the content looking like it will be user-submitted, finally welcoming everyone to the high-paying world of food writing! Look for it soon online while tracking its progress on Facebook.