Yummy Cupcakes Get Sweet on Freddy Kruger and Pennywise

Photo: Yummy Cupcakes

’Tis the season to turn fru-fru cupcakes into the stuff of everyone’s delicious nightmares. Yummy Cupcakes is rolling out a line of horror-inspired treats. The Burbank-based confectioner has new designs in familiar flavors, such as The Bates Motel (coconut), Freddy Kruger (fudge), Pennywise (red velvet), and a standard-issue Jack-O-Lantern (chocolate). We’re hoping hockey masks and bleeding strawberry jam follow soon? And while the clown from It still manages to look pretty ‘effing scary here, the most frightening thing could be the five-dollar-a-pop price tag. The cupcakes are currently available in a box of four for $20 by ordering through Yummy’s Burbank locale at 818-558-1080.