Williamsburg Expansions: Marlow, Freemans, and Brooklyn Bowl’s Next Moves?

Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Bowl

According to Brooklyn Paper’s coverage of a Community Board meeting, an architect who’s seeking to build apartments on Wythe and South Second Street says Freemans is planning to occupy a three-story brick building on the same lot, and that’s not the only expansion rumor coming out of Williamsburg today: Eater hears that “the Marlow guys are opening a restaurant in the new Condo/Hotel project opening on N 11th Street.” It seems like a curious move (we’ve left a message with Marlow & Sons to find out what’s what) but hey, if they can expand their product line to leather bags… And according to Inside Scoop SF, Brooklyn Bowl is said to be maybe considering the Mission District for one of its next locations. Unlike confirmed reports that coffee favorite El Beit is bringing brick-oven Mediterranean to Berry and North 3rd, today’s rumors are all rather vague, but consider it conversation fodder for your next Bedford Avenue stop and chat.

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