Will Fonda Be the Next Brooklyn Restaurant to Make a Manhattan Transfer?


After Steve Hanson denied the rumor about a new Mexican joint coming to Carroll Gardens, we called Roberto Santibañez over at Park Slope’s Fonda to see if he was the interested party. He was not, but was very curious to hear that the space might be available. Why? He’s expanding, and by January, he hopes to find the perfect spot for what he thinks will be “something exactly like Fonda — a neighborhood place that serves the neighborhood in a down-to-earth way,” with a plate of enchiladas going for $14. Santibañez lives in downtown Manhattan (where his investors are interested in expanding), so an eatery there “would make life easier,” but he also thinks that “there are many places like Brooklyn and Queens that are underserved by good Mexican food, so I don’t know. I’m torn.” One possibility is Tribeca, where there’s a dearth of casual spots. But Santibañez says, “It’s a little scary — if you’ve been to Tribeca in the evenings, it’s like a ghost town.” Well, we’re not sure Carroll Gardens is ready for $14 enchiladas, but we’re curious to see where he lands.