Gorge on White Truffles at Sapori d’Ischia’s Recession-Friendly Truffle Dinner

Photo: Kang Kim

Thanks to some favorable Italian weather and a decrepit Euro, it’s looking like a very good year for white truffles, and no one is more excited about this news than Anthony Galano, the head truffle hound at Sapori d’Ischia in Woodside, Queens. His annual Tuesday-night truffle-dinner series begins tomorrow evening with four fragrant truffle-strewn courses washed down with discounted Piedmontese wines. Sample menu: burrata with white truffles; risotto with white truffles; grilled rack of lamb with white-truffled fingerlings; and housemade ricotta gelato with white-truffle honey and crushed Cantucci cookies. It’s 60 bucks for the whole thing, which sure beats a pre-recession $250 baked potato at The Four Seasons.