Helpless Upper West Siders Suffer Tyranny of Too Many Truffles

Photo: Kang Kim

Are you a truffle lover in need of a new place to live? You might want to check out what’s on offer at 10 West End Avenue, where owners claim they’re having a hell of a time selling their units because of the scent emitted by ground-floor retail tenant Urbani Truffles. Described poetically in the New York Times as “a refrigerator crammed with rotting carrots and lettuce … the earthy smell of dirt, half a dozen pairs of teenage boys’ worn-out sneakers and some stinky, stinky cheese,” the odor “plays with your mind a little bit,” says a broker with properties in the building. From where we sit, we see two solutions to the problem: the $50,000 ventilation system Urbani is installing, or the building investing in the world’s largest bowl of macaroni and cheese. [NYT]