Lula Cafe Goes Indie for Halloween

They are already a little indie...
They are already a little indie… Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

There are restaurants that put up a few decorations for Halloween, and then there is Lula Cafe. The Logan Square restaurant has celebrated the holiday by completely transforming into an Olive Garden, and also into a bland Irish pub. The absolute horror! But we are really loving the latest trend of mimicking popular Chicago restaurants. Last year it was Not Dougs, a zombie-themed version of Hot Doug’s, complete with Doug Sohn taking orders. This year it’s a riff on Kuma’s Corner called Luma’s Corner. Of course, instead of burgers named after hardcore metal bands, these burgers take their name from the humble heroes of indie rock. Care for a Belle and Sebastian, complete with a Scotch egg, beet chutney, and welsh rarebit? Time Out has a copy of the precious full menu. [TOC]