Video: Free Endangered-Species Hot Dogs in Hell’s Kitchen


Back when ad agency Mother New York opened Dogmatic, they released an amusing spoof of a 1980s sales video: “Life. Peace. Welcome to the Gourmet Sausage System. Fucking Awesome.” Then they tried to lure LeBron James to New York by imagining him in a Gray’s Papaya ad, and most recently they celebrated their new offices in Hell’s Kitchen by staging an imaginary pop-up, Mother: Rare Animal Hot Dogs. Check out the video of pedestrians being tricked into thinking the Dogmatic dogs they’re eating consist of rare Chinese forest panda, leaf-nourished sea turtle, and jungle-reared orangutan (the faux store’s motto: “The rarer the meat the more delicious the treat”). Definitely the best hot dog hoax since the 140-year-old wiener.

Moving on Up(town) [Mother New York]