Unlock the Door to This Underground Passageway and You’re a Theater-Bar VIP

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Apothékes Albert Trummer is still waiting for his trial by fire to blow over before he opens Theater Bar, but a private party last night afforded us the opportunity to see his magic bartender Jeff Grow at work. Grow (whose handiwork youve seen in Hewlett-Packard and Progressive Commercials) did some levitation tricks with a cigarette (shh, dont tell the FDNY), made a lemon appear underneath a cup, and then made a dollar appear in the lemon. And he says hell make bottles appear for bottle service, too! But perhaps the most dazzling thing about Theater Bar isnt behind the bar, its underneath it.

If you go down a side stairwell, punch in the four-digit access code to the first door you encounter, walk down a long, almost Shining-esque hallway of walk-in freezers, pass through the kitchen, and then head upstairs, youll get to the backstage VIP area behind the bar! Its all rather magical, because the poor schmucks clamoring for drinks in front of the bar have no idea how you got there. And if you and your friends want to pull a vanishing act, Trummer says he plans to use the walk-in freezers as private rooms. So when will he pull an opening date out of his sleeve? That remains to be seen, but Trummer and Co. are aiming for next month.