Two Things: Umami in a Tube, Cheeseburger in a Glass

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Santtini

It doesn’t pique your interest quite like a “cheeseburger in a glass,” but there’s something about the idea of umami in a tube. That’s how Laura Santtini (author of the new Lidia Bastianich-endorsed cookbook Easy Tasty Italian) is brilliantly marketing her latest cooking product (she’s also the creator of Angel Mist & Broken Halos, an “edible silver spray”). Taste No. 5 Umami Paste became available in Santtini’s hometown of London earlier this year— we think it tastes like a cross between Worcestershire and (mostly) fish sauces, but the Telegraph described it as “a dose of parmesan, anchovies, black olives, porcini and balsamic vinegar all in one go.” Anyway the MSG substitute just hit the shelves at Chelsea Market Baskets, Stinky Bklyn, Blue Apron Foods, and the Brooklyn Kitchen; and Manhattanites can expect to see it at Dean & Deluca next week. So get those glutamate receptors ready if you’re jonesing for a hit of the elusive “fifth sense”.