Trump Can’t Build; Pit Bulls Protect Their Owner’s House From Menus

• Donald Trump is upset because community opposition is making it really hard for him to build “the finest dining and banquet facility in the world” at Jones Beach. [NYDN]

• The owner of Jing Lung restaurant in Prospect–Lefferts Gardens was mauled by pit bulls while passing out menus. [NYDN]

• Hey look! The Daily Meal — helmed by former Saveur editor-in-chief Colman Andrews — launched. They might want to rethink those auto-play videos. [Daily Meal]

• Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham might open a pub together. [Mirror UK]

• Heave-ho: Six WWII vets were tossed out of a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Dallas for being dressed too casually. [USAT]

• The president of the Toronto chapter of Hells Angels — who is awaiting trial — says the adequacy of Toronto’s inmate meals isn’t up to snuff. [Star]