Trump Can’t Build; Pit Bulls Protect Their Owner’s House From Menus

Donald Trump is upset because community opposition is making it really hard for him to build "the finest dining and banquet facility in the world" at Jones Beach. [NYDN]

The owner of Jing Lung restaurant in ProspectLefferts Gardens was mauled by pit bulls while passing out menus. [NYDN]

Hey look! The Daily Meal helmed by former Saveur editor-in-chief Colman Andrews launched. They might want to rethink those auto-play videos. [Daily Meal]

Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham might open a pub together. [Mirror UK]

Heave-ho: Six WWII vets were tossed out of a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Dallas for being dressed too casually. [USAT]

The president of the Toronto chapter of Hells Angels who is awaiting trial says the adequacy of Toronto's inmate meals isn't up to snuff. [Star]