The Trouble With Selling Bananas in Vending Machines; Fast-Food Workers Unionize

• Everyone agrees that selling fruits and vegetables through vending machines is a good idea. The problem: Vending machines bruise the veggies. [WSJ]

• Tomorrow, workers at Minneapolis Jimmy John’s locations will vote on whether to unionize. [NYT]

• The Australian version of Iron Chef debuted on Tuesday! They have the same guy who plays the Chairman here in America! Alas, it did not do too well. [Sky News]

• It’s still four months away, but people who buy tickets to next year’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival on Monday will get a 10 percent discount on Grand Tasting tix. [Sun-Sentinel]

• College administrators are cracking down on “drunkorexia,” a term and concept that still sort of seems to elude them. [Denver Post]