The Tilted Kilt Is Bringing Its Perverted Pub to Long Beach

Paying their way through medical school, perhaps?
Paying their way through medical school, perhaps? Photo: Joe Osterlach via Flickr

Following yesterday’s news that Madame Chou Chou’s servers will dress in French maid outfits and Thrillist’s report that The Spearmint Rhino is opening a non-strip-club nightclub in Hollywood, we smacked into another forthcoming restaurant serving food with a heaping side of soft-core porn. The Tilted Kilt is due in Long Beach on December 5th, and like a more scholarly version of Hooter’s, will put its waitresses, which they call “cast-members,” in plaid schoolgirl outfits. Is this becoming a trend for guys who never want Halloween to end?

This pub chain of perverted Scottish heritage has locations across the U.S., with a few outposts already in corners of Palm Springs, Temecula, and San Diego. The menu elegantly combines Japanese technique with farm-raised…no, just kidding. It’s burgers, beer, and such traditional Gaelic fare as, well, chicken tenders, pizza, and chili, which grace a menu of so-called “pub favorites.”

Okay, so there is fish and chips, shepard’s pie, and a green cocktail or two with offensive names like the “Belfast Boom,” but it’s hard to picture anyone coming here for the food alone. So if you have a horn-dog sports fan on your hands, you might want to check out the website now and start compiling excuses for why you’re never going here.

The Tilted Kilt, 6575 E Pacific Coast Hwy. Long Beach. 562-256-4145.