The Lion Works Its Charms; FoodParc Is ‘Over the Top Thrilling’


The Lion equivocates artfully” between its high-end and populist impulses, says Shauna Lyon. The food is good, and “for all the self-conscious spectacle, the staff is highly skilled and courteous, if precocious.” [NYer]
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The five food stands at FoodParc are “given to remarkable fits of almost maniacal creativity,” raves Gael Greene. “I have tasted pleasures on the menu so totally over the top thrilling I plot to return even though the crush from 11 to 3 is daunting and my guy isn’t comfortable doing dinner in what looks a lot like an airport food court.” [Insatiable Critic]
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Tu Do is “merely good,” Robert Sietsema declares, though “the food is often worth it.” Skip the pho and go for the beef bo lac, “a warm salad of butter-basted cubes, tender as hell, tossed with sweet onions, green peppers, and ripe tomatoes, dripping enough meaty juices, you’ll wish you had a baguette to sop them up.” [VV]