The Journal Just Adores Quaint, ‘Funky’ Little S.F.

Photo: Erin Kunkel/WSJ

The Journal gets all lyrical talking about San Francisco in autumn, and they sure don’t hold back with the clichés: “venture capitalists [make] deals from surfboards and road bikes. It’s all good, they say, and it really is. Casual Fridays are daily.” Lip service is paid to Tyler Florence recycling his cooking oil and the Fairmont Hotel keeping their own honeybees, not to mention the Underground Farmers’ Market, and “white-tablecloth sushi restaurants that make neighbors with funky burrito bars.” Does this writer even live here? Did a copy editor change “taquerias” to “burrito bars” for the sake of Journal readers? Also, in a sidebar, Alice Waters says she loves the antique store Bell’occhio, and calls the owner “a Francophile perfectionist after my own heart.”

Keeping Reality at Bay [WSJ]