The Artichoke’s Heart In Construction at Former Murano Space

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Under construction at the former Melrose home of Murano, The Artichoke’s Heart should be debuting sometime in early 2011. Though we want to believe everything these days is Michael Voltaggio’s under-wraps and carefully-guarded restaurant, an initial guesstimate points to this as another in a recent explosion of lunch-friendly, heart-healthy WeHo eateries that revolve around do-it-yourself salads and sandwiches. [UPDATE: A reader informs us this is the expansion of Mexico’s Corazon de Alcachofa]Still, we encourage you to hold out hope for a restaurant specializing in fried green tomatoes and syrupy Southern treats from Artichoke’s Heart author Suzanne Supplee (which would probably be better than a Chuck Palinuk, Choke-themed restaurant). In any case, construction, which began on Friday, should be finished by New Year’s day, followed by an opening shortly after.

The Artichoke’s Heart, 9010 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood.