Susan Feniger’s Street and Venice Restaurants Pick Up Slack For ‘Taste of AK’ Malaise

"Here I come to save the daaay!"
“Here I come to save the daaay!” Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

For too many attendees, Sunday’s “Taste of Abbot Kinney” left nothing but a bad taste in their mouths, and not from the food, since much of it had run out rather rapidly at many restaurants. Inside Out Community Arts, the non-profit, after-school program that started this event last year as a fundraiser, is furiously trying to make restitution to people who feel angered about the tickets they’d purchased that became unusable (and wet). On their side? Susan Feniger’s Street, who’s come to save the day.

Feniger, who I.O.’s executive director, Varina Bleil, calls a “community partner,” is offering a 30% discount on brunch, lunch, and dinner at Street, Sunday through Thursday, until November 30th,with a Taste Of A.K. receipt or unused tickets. Bleil tells us that there’s a growing list of Abbot Kinney restaurants and retail stores, currently over seven, that are also going to offer big discounts to ticket holders. One concern Bleil shares is that many people might have already thrown their tickets away, so if you’re one of Sunday’s pissed-off AK attendees, that’s your cue to start digging!