Starry Kitchen Truck-Jacks The Mandoline Grill This Sunday

No word on whether Villaraigosa enjoyed said balls in his mouth
No word on whether Villaraigosa enjoyed said balls in his mouth Photo: Starry Kitchen

Like the F-bomb-hurling, ball-joke-telling pirates they are, the owners of Starry Kitchen are commandeering The Mandoline Grill truck this Sunday and parking in front of Domaine L.A., who will offer a $15 flight of wines from importer Vinos Unico suited to the restaurant’s mobile menu. Nguyen Tran tell us that he will “most definitely be dressing up, but not as a banana this time,” and that Mandoline will provide their grilled beef nachos, while chef Thi’s popular “crispy balls” will be back, along with spicy korean black pork belly and maybe even some tacos. Tran also teases that a few surprise items are in store like the possible inclusion of coconut rice and the very banh mi that boosted them from their clandestine, apartment-bound restaurant into Downtown’s big show. Take a look at the planned menu below, and catch them from 2:00-5:00 P.M. at 6801 Melrose Ave.

Starry Kitchen’s Mandoline Truck Menu
Sunday, October 24th
2:00-5:00 P.M.
6801 Melrose Ave

-Malaysian Chicken Curry,
-Spicy Korean Black Pork Belly
-Double-fried sweet ginger glazed chicken wings
-Crispy Tofu Balls
-Grilled beef nachos

…plus the possible inclusion of tacos, banh mi, and coconut rice.