Second Season of Avec Eric Premieres This Weekend


As if Eric Ripert’s tweets haven’t made for enough entertainment (he now clarifies his earlier tweets about Gordon Ramsay: “For the record, my comments on Ramsay were not related to the recent tragedy reported by the NY Post and other outlets … And again, nothing personal against Ramsay as an individual … Just reflecting on leadership and mentoring. For a long time, I’ve been in disagreement with the spirit of his shows … ”), the second season of Avec Eric premieres this Saturday, October 2, on WLIW at noon. The season’s thirteen episodes will include guest stars Anthony Bourdain, Gail Simmons, David Chang, and Grant Achatz, and traverses New York, California, Virginia, Grand Cayman, and Colonnata, Italy. Tune in Saturday at noon, on WLIW, and if you missed last season, review our video clips from each episode here.