Scotch Invades China; a New Halloween App for Protective Parents

• The hot drink among China’s well-heeled: single-malt Scotch. [WSJ]

• A new app lets parents track their kids’ whereabouts while they’re trick-or-treating. It’s only available for Android phones, because presumably parents who own iPhones are cool enough to know not to use this. [NYP]

• In Brazil, McDonald’s must pay one of their managers over $17,000 because he says he gained weight after feeling forced to sample the Mickey D’s food every day. [USAT]

• The grossness of British food is no longer preventing tourists from visiting the country. [AFP]

• Is there a word for “ugh” in Hawaiian? Turns out health inspectors haven’t visited the food stands at the University of Hawaii’s football stadium in more than two years. [KITV]