Say Good-bye (for Now) to Sin Sin, and Hello (Again) to Freddy’s

Photo: Ty Hewitt

True to earlier rumors, Sin Sin is closing (EV Grieve reprints an invite for an October 28 goodbye party) — but an employee at the bar tells us it’s only renovating, and it’ll reopen with the same name and partners at some point. Meanwhile, Freddy’s, the beloved bar that gave up its fight against the Atlantic Yards development in April, has announced its new location, at 627 5th Avenue near 17th Street (formerly Ellis) on the edge of Park Slope. A press release sent to Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn and others indicates that the original owner will not be involved, but manager Donald O’Finn and bartenders Matt Khun and Matt Kimmett will be aboard once the department of buildings gives the green light.

Freddy’s Bar Signed Lease for New Fifth Avenue Space [Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn]